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Having a hidden reference can also give you and the person you're contacting something to chat about when first exchange messages. Another option you have when creating an alias is to have it say something about what your like or what the dating experience might be like with you: funlovingdude, or shygirl, goodkindofbad, hittheclubs, studiousbutfun.Also, you could give an idea of what kind of relationship you want, seriouslovelady, lifelove, kindhearted, justbrokeup, huggable, or justfun.

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Try to get creative and the bottom line in the online dating world is to have fun, express yourself, and be safe by listening to your own internal instincts, trust them.

On The Front Page: Create A Headline Most matchmaking sites will want you to write a headline for your ad.

Make It Sell Again, you are basically marketing yourself.

If you say 'fun girl' you will probably attract a lot of guys simply looking for a good time.

You will not only meet someone new but take part in a new activity. When email exchanges move to the phone you can read a lot by the tone of voice. Diversity of Users There are all types of people online just as in the real world.

You might not like tennis but this person is such a good teacher that you come to enjoy not just this person's company but their sport and being around them. Also, pay attention to their ability to listen and communicate. Don't give out personal information (home address for instance) until you know you want to go on a date with this person. There are people who just want to have fun and may back out at the last minute.Many people are putting in more hours at work these days and some are even juggling two jobs leaving them little time to socialize.This is where online dating comes in: you choose who you want to talk to and when.Whether you want a serious long term relationship or a friend to go out with. Simply responds when they say they are going to respond.3. Immediately wants to meet or says I love you after just a few messages. )An overall good idea in online or dating offline is follow your instinct. Writing A Personal Ad Try to type something up before you go to the site to post your ad. This should be an attention grabbing name and should give some clues to who you are and tell a little bit about yourself since this is the first thing people will see.The relationship may be platonic at first, but could lead to something more. You ask how old they are and they respond it doesn't matter for example.2. The great thing about online dating is you can pick and choose easily and not necessarily go out on an awkward first date. Don't skip any of the steps that are the normal course of online dating.1. Chat and exchange emails: dislikes and likes, shared goals.3. You are marketing yourself, essentially creating a brief resume but rather than for a job, for a date or love. Your alias might be funny and clever, tell something about your personality, tell something about what kind of relationship you are seeking, and be more a descriptive combination hinting at your personality and showing what kind of date you are looking for.If you're a little chubby say so, you may find a great work out partner, your alias could be dietpartner even.

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