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She was awesome and i think ppl underestimate her vocal abilities.if you want to check the video out go to on the right hand side u can download and view it. I heard the original idea for the video was supposed to be a suicide by slitting her wrists in the bathtub, but then I'm definitely not a Britney insider and couldn't confirm or deny that truth.

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It's a simple song lyrically, very much so, but one of the few songs she has that I truly liked. I really couldn't see her performing this live, though.

No offense to Britney's fans, but it would've flourished under someone with the ability to vocally move and slide better than she can.

When you're young & inexperienced, it's quite common & easy to make mistakes.

I wonder what it was like for them both to hear each other's songs/videos.. I think they never had a solid relationship, because there seemed to be lack of communication between them or attention needed that wasn't given. There should still be some help, grace and understanding.

So instead of "comeback," let's call what Sofia Coppola has given the 37-year-old a "brand repositioning." Over the years, Dorff's roles have often been overshadowed by his reputation as a raffish Hollywood boulevardier who parties on weeknights, dates scads of beauties—Pamela Anderson, half the Elite Models roster—and once famously did verbal battle with Jeremy Piven in a bathroom line.

(It all started when Dorff allegedly cut in front of Piven.

Krysta Serr covers this song really beautifully and her professional talent fits this style of song perfectly! She then was reincarnated to that baby girl and years later she was finally happy.

Britney cheated on Justin with someone he knew, and that spawned the song and video "Cry Me A River" (and also another Justin song that escapes me right now).

It's very rare that first loves last anyway & everyone is human. What doesn't make sense to me is that in this response of the song britney giving to justin, why would justin timberlake resist her sorry if he really cared for her?

The fact that he could never forgive her (at the time), shows how much it hurt him & how much he loved her. I think in the real world that was more realistic than celebs who are so tempted by money, people who love each other and make bad choices like that want to forgive each other for cheating.

Never has there been a more perfect potential match made in Malibu!

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