Who is paul mcdonald on american idol dating Wabe came

On the red carpet of the ceremony, Reed flashed an engagement ring at E!

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Or are both in big trouble when the votes are tallied on tonight's elimination episode? On last night's Motown-themed performance episode of the competition, Paul Mc Donald covered the Smokey Robinson classic "Tracks of My Tears." The judges loved it, with Randy Jackson gushing: "You're kind of the complete package."He's among the leading candidates to be sent home tonight, but American Idol finalist Paul Mc Donald has other concerns to consider before this evening's results show.

Following his cover of Ryan Adams' "Come Pick Me Up" last night, the aspiring singer was faced with a number of angry Tweets from viewers who took issue with the Marine Corps Dress Blues jacket he donned on stage.

While the details aren't totally clear, their relationship can be traced back to when Ian used to date Nina Dobrev and Nikki was married to American Idol alum Paul Mc Donald.

Ian and Nina eventually called it quits in May 2013, and Ian began dating Nikki the following year, a few months after she separated from Paul.

It's not that Stefano Langone and Paul Mc Donald are bad singers, but their efforts have lagged behind the rest of the field at times on American Idol.

Did the twosome do enough to turn things around last night?

Nikki Reed and Paul Mc Donald have announced they are separating after two years of marriage.

The Twilight Saga has officially merged with American Idol.

This shows what we know, but we doubt we were the only ones surprised.

Nor do we expect we're alone saying Stefano and Paul may be in danger again.

Nikki Reed will be living on her own -- now that her divorce from ex "American Idol" contestant Paul Mc Donald is finalized -- but she'll still have a guard dog by her side. the biggest asset Paul's leaving the marriage with is the couple's Nashville home.

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