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Consequently, we got a lotta dirty looks from one of the walkie-talkie people, who really didn’t dig it when I asked Sorbo if he ever went to Mt. “No,” he said, as we both unsuccessfully stifled our laughs, “but my high school was called Mound Westonka.Oh, and I just worked with an actress who lives on Hercules Street in the Olympic Heights section of Los Angeles.” Did you date her? She did end up marrying the executive producer, which I think is how she got the role.There haven’t been any casting announcements for the new show, although it’s now clear that pre-production is well underway, with NBCUniversal giving the green light to Tapert and Raimi.

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To be honest, I just feel bad for the new actress who has to try to do the Xena battle cry justice.

She’d asked if I’d be interested in a lass named Tinsel Korey, who’s apparently one of the principals in some cinematic series entitled .

I’m not going to say on who, but I’m just going to say it’s RED! LL: Yes, but we’re not going to say in what capacity.

reboot that we thought was dead is actually alive and well.

That’s a point Lawless has also been firm about in recent interviews, so it seems set in stone.

There will surely be other changes in store, so expect a lot of Twitter fodder in the coming months.And, for what it’s worth, Rob Tapert and Lucy Lawless are married — not that that says anything definitively, but one hopes that means the reboot has tacit approval from Lawless, if nothing else.The original Xena aside, the show sounds like it’s on the right track. It was a message, forwarded to me by one of my three main editors regarding a movie I didn’t yet know anything about.Having heard – albeit vaguely – that a few folks in Fargo are feral fans of the films, and me being ever mindful of the taste-making instincts of North Dakotans, I thought I’d give it a good think.Having the original showrunners definitely helps, and in December of last year it was announced that Javier Grillo-Marxuach would be the writer for the new show. From there, it sounds like the new show will hew closely to the old one — same time period, same chakram throwing, same close relationship between Xena and Gabrielle (it still seems unclear whether their affections will be overt or subtle, like in the ’90s series, although there’s been some indication of the former).

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