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Yes, Lisa Raye is ready to settle down again, or is she?

Word on the streets is that Mc Coy has been dating Bishop Noel Jones, Jasmine Brand reports.

From The Examiner The new Oxygen television series, Preachers of LA has provided me with so many thoughts about church, ego and most specifically relationships.

The relationship that catches my eye the most is the one with Bishop Noel Jones and Loretta. I have compiled 10 from the second show from the holy lips of Bishop Noel Jones, Bryant(Noel Jones driver) and Miss Loretta.

She is also the First Lady of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Lisa has led a long and diverse career in show business.

Loretta move on and if your the one let him find you.

Reply The term “fish” is what gay guys refer to Women as lol omg who called her this the Driver or Noel Jones ?

Source: Oxygen There are many things that viewers find questionable about Oxygen’s “Preachers Of LA”.

One of those things being Bishop Noel Jones’ 16-year-old relationship with his lady friend, Loretta.

I say he loves her but afraid of hurting her and his ministry.

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