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He's the ex-husband, after all, of her friend Marie-Anne Thiebaud - who had been having an affair with Shania’s husband, Robert 'Mutt' Lange. Well, eight months after she began dating the husband of the other woman, it is being reported that Shania Twain and Frederic Thiebaud are getting married!

Singing then has become her main source of living after her parents' death on November 1, 1987, making a turning point in her life since.

By dating Frederic Thiebaud, Shania Twain has raised eyebrows.

fit=620,465&ssl=1" /The locality has some special memories for the singer as his father and fellow musician, Dennis Graham, lives in Memphis.

This is also why the singer considered his audience as a part of his “family.”In addition, fans could not help themselves but pull out their phones once the iconic singer stepped on stage.

(The exes share son Eja, now 13.) After that messy split, the "That Don't Impress Me Much" singer found comfort in a familiar face — Thiebaud's hubby Frederic Nicolas Thiebaud.

After the couple swap, Twain wed Frederic in January 2011.

After a slight hesitation, Twain, 49, quipped: "I wish I'd never met you." Quick recap: Thiebaud had an affair with Twain's husband and her chief musical producer Robert "Mutt" Lange, which ended their 17-year marriage in June 2010.

The singer revealed what she would say to Thiebaud if she ever ran into her during the show's Plead the Fifth segment.

And it appears the two hurt exes have formed a special friendship after Thiebaud's husband joined the country star for a trip to New York.

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