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Representative Tim Ryan (D-OH) was an obscure backbencher Congressman.Tim Ryan is in an opportune position to move up the political ladder.He has reportedly been considering a run for governor in 2014, when Gov. He said in November that he would decide in the next few months whether to pursue higher office.

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Who is congressman tim ryan dating

In almost every campaign, Republican candidates in Middle America try to tether their Democratic opponent to national Democratic leaders from the coast. Jeanne Kirkpatrick exploited that fact in her address to the Republican National Convention by calling for Americans to "reject the San Francisco Democrats." By mounting a formidable challenge to Pelosi, Ryan has established himself as the counterweight to Pelosi.

Pelosi is a convenient target because she hails from San Francisco. He is now nationally known as a tribune and representative of blue-collar Democrats from the heartland who tried to oust Pelosi.

Tim Ryan is not going to be House Democratic Leader in January.

Still, in running a civil, high-profile campaign for the position, the 43-year old six-term Congressman established himself as a potential pick when Nancy Pelosi, the 77-year-old incumbent, eventually steps aside.

If you are having a problem with a government agency, look for a contact link for casework to submit a request for help. 2146 was originally introduced as a bill to address issues with retirement funds of federal law enforcement officers and firefighters.

Not all Members of Congress will accept messages from non-constituents. Otherwise, try contacting your own representative: Find Your Representative » in our ideology-leadership chart below.

As a down-to-earth populist Democrat who won 68% of the vote in a Rust Belt Trump stronghold, Ryan presents some obvious assets for the Democratic Party.

But the meaning of Ryan’s rise isn’t really about identity politics or electoral positioning. As a practitioner-advocate of mindfulness meditation, Ryan has been on a disciplined, systematic, multi-year quest to get Washington to calm down.

“Congressman Ryan made clear at the time of the citation and ever since that he was not intoxicated, and we’re pleased that the court agreed and dismissed the case," Lowry said. The congressman himself was not at today's hearing because the House is in session, Lowry said.

Ryan, 39, a former star local high school quarterback, has been a member of Congress since 2003 and previously served in the Ohio state Senate.

While this unlikely role has led some to call Ryan “Congressman Moonbeam,” it’s hard to reconcile the label with his actual personality—a plainspoken former high school football star who regularly connects with his constituents over beer and TV sports at the Open Hearth bar on Steel Street in Youngstown, Ohio.

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