Who is charlize theron dating keanu reeves

Charlize and Keanu have been secretly on-and-off for so long.

I think he thought they would eventually end up together for good.

Check out Charlize Theron and Sean Penn hanging out at Pharrell Williams’ shindig below.

Chances are their appearance at the gathering will only cause rumors of their rumored romance to spiral completely out of control. “To see her falling in love with Sean is really hurting him.

The actors, who have been friends for years, began dating in the wake of Charlize's breakup from her partner of eight years, Stuart Townsend, in January, and have been spotted together around Los Angeles. Jennifer was killed in a car accident just months after was released (ironically in February) in 2001, and according to sources Charlize was a source of support for Keanu at the time. "It was a very difficult time in his life, but Charlize really helped him get through it," the 's source says.

The latter came at a crucial time in Keanu's life—his girlfriend, Jennifer Syme, gave birth to a stillborn daughter in 1999, which devastated both of them.

But, she is falsely accused of cheating and ends up failing the test because of Nelson.

After getting kicked out of the exam, Sara waits for him outside and starts to insult him. Then, she traces him down and shows up at his place.

We just hope this doesn't end like either of their movies together—with Al Pacino popping up to chew the scenery and, you know, cause the damnation of all mankind.

A lonely doctor, who once occupied an unusual lakeside house, begins exchanging love letters with its former resident, a frustrated architect.

Charlize, as beautiful as always, made Sara strong and weak at the same time.

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