Who is andruw jones dating

Thanks.(Grinnell Steve from Grinnell, Iowa) people (fans, bloggers, etc) a few years ago, the consensus opinion was that Jones never developed solid pitch recognition, but was able to compensate through his super-quick hands and feet.

Not having a full-time DH gives your lineup more flexibility.

Now, as to the particulars of the Any rough assessment of Kenny Williams' offseason so far?

Thanks(Joe from Mich)Torre certainly had some difficult circumstances to work with, but it seemed to me there was a lot of the usual Torre indecision, including his reactionary desire to get Pierre back in the lineup, again and again, until Kemp and Ethier hit well enough that he would have looked stupid to do so after Manny was acquired. No Cub except Soto really had a great offensive year, Fukudome proved to be a massive disappointment, Soriano got hurt...

I think he deserves some recognition for coping with those things.

This is still a pretty nice player; Jones was on a Hall of Fame trajectory before he fell off the cliff.

(Mike Gianella)I haven't seen him, so all my thoughts will be filtered through the perspective of the Prospect Team and various scouting reports that I have read on other sites. I'm not huge into comps, but that should speak to the level of excitement fans should have. Breen)'s not receiving the requisite 5% of the vote to remain on the ballot. Do you think in a regular year without a polarizing issue like steroids, would he have received the vote? Now that he can only be inducted by the veterans committee, what do you think his chances are? Do you think his bouncing around from team to team later in his career hurts the voter's perception of him?

He's a guy who sounds like he can hit for power and average and stick in center field, if everything clicks. We're largely speculating -- so things shouldn't be taken as gospel or pre-ordained -- but it seems the potential is massive. I think it's very unfortunate that he won't stay on the ballot.

I'm one who, after reading your analysis and through my own observation of him when he was active, certainly would get my vote if I had one.(Mike Shumka from Milton, Ontario)I think Lofton suffers less because of the steroid protest than the size of the crowd on the ballot and the fact that a certain segment of the electorate dramatically undervalues walks and defense. assuming that resigning Delmon I-don't-want-to-DH Young is out of the question, who is available? (John Carter from Toronto (Tigers fan originally from the New York a) signed the short-term/high AAV contract with the Dodgers! Honestly though, I kind of assume that the only time contracts like that happen is when a player has some serious concerns going forward, so I wouldn't be surprised if they don't work out very often.(Jay Taylor from San Francisco)A-Rod the DH yes, Jeter the DH yes if he hits as he did late in the season, in order to keep both healthy and fresh.

Nearly all of the Hall's recent injustices fit into that pattern - think of So, Detroit's looking for a right-handed hitting outfielder to platoon with Dirks. The problem is that Nunez is neither the fielder nor hitter to get so much playing time. As for Gardner, he was quite valuable last year, up to, and perhaps past the point he got hurt.

We need to see him do what he can do over a full season, but maybe he's also a guy who needs to be protected from his own fragility.

comps aren't fair, but they aren't there for no reason. I don't think either of those two are stars, but if you asked me who was more likely to become a big leaguer, I'd go with both of those guys, and that's why they're better prospects -- for now.

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