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For manual installation 2: (When using FTP or server) 1. When a guest fills a call request the agent will imediately see it and will be able to start chat. Support multiple languages, according to site’s locale.

You should have c Panel or FTP access to the server where your Word Press is installed. In case of c Panel, copy the plugin zip file (tiviclick-live-video-chat.zip) up to your server, unzip it somewhere on the file system and copy the “tiviclick-live-video-chat” folder into the /wp-content/plugins directory of your Word Press installation. In case of FTP, upload the “tiviclick-live-video-chat” folder directly to /wp-content/plugins directory of your Word Press website. Login to your website and go to the Plugins section of your admin panel. Agents needs to login to Tiviclick site, once an agent is login the system will show him as available to the guests.

Welcome to Tiviclick Video Chats for Word Press websites. Search “Tiviclick” in search bar at top and press enter. Result will show “Tiviclick” plugin where you can use “Install Now” option to install it in website. Click the Activate Plugin link on the plugins page.

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Hit the break for the promo video and obligatory PR.

ROUNDS ADDS CO-BROWSING TO ITS MOBILE HANGOUT NETWORK; FIRST TO LET FRIENDS SURF THE WEB TOGETHER INSIDE MOBILE VIDEO CHATSFor the First Time, Users Can Navigate the Same Webpage at the Same Time To Shop, Watch TV, Play Games or Take Photos Together Whilst Video Chatting TEL AVIV (June 18, 2013) – Rounds ( launched a new update to its popular Rounds Video Chat Hangout mobile app for i OS and Android today, becoming the first hangout network to let friends securely surf the web together during live video conversations.

When visitor at your website send a Chat request - You can select the best type of chat for the moment: Every registered user at your Tivi Click account can invite any person to Video Chat. Copy the 2 code lines from Tiviclick install page and paste before the body tag in HTML 7.

You just need to mail your unique Tivi Click secret key and schedule the meeting. In the left menu of Tiviclick Admin Click "Account" where you can configure your Tiviclick Chat widget and manage account users (Agents) A registered user (agent) at your Tivi Click account is everyone who can receive and respond chat requests in his / her CHAT page and invite another person to chat.

Making webcam chat easily accessible online for everybody is a priority.

Goes without saying that we wouldn't be a great online communication platform if we didn't at least offer text chat!Face-to-face Video Chat with customers enables your business to establish personal relations, build credibility and brand, and encourages a sense of trust and loyalty as a key success factor. Video Chat with customers transforms your website into the active front desk of your business. When you are not available for live chat, visitor can send a general mail message or directly to a specific agent in case that agent's list is displayed. Each account manager has an access to the reports area.Tiviclick is a Saa S - Software as a Service Video Chat for every website.Our text chat allows you to share with your friends by sending emojis , sharing videos, sharing pictures etc.

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