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American Express was founded back in 1850, originally as an express mail courier business.

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Depositing and withdrawing through American Express is easy, and you won’t find any problems using it to fund your accounts.

But what are the pros and cons of American Express versus other payment methods, and should you be fishing out your Centurion card to make your first deposit?

Larger Credit Limits: When compared to other credit cards, what you tend to find is that American Express cards carry a larger comparable credit limit.

This means more flexibility for you to fund your gambling in the first instance when you play by American Express.

Fast transfers: When you send money to or from your American Express, the transactions are processed virtually instantly.

That means that in effect, your transfers are as fast as possible, so you can cut straight to the chase with your gaming.

Trusted as a quick, safe way to transact, it’s becoming ever more popular for those playing at online and mobile casinos, thanks to the lack of fees involved.

For consumers, American Express is a fast, flexible way to do business.

After traveling through Europe in the late 1880s, an American Express executive was dismayed to find it difficult to obtain local finance on the strength of his letters of credits.

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