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7.92 x 57mm (8mm Mauser) Rifling: .......................... 1 Turn in 240mm (9.4 in.) Barrel Length: ............... In the cases where older stocks with VZ24 type side-swivels were used, the side-mounted hardware was removed and the holes plugged with dowels. Despite the continued availability of refurbished German K98k and M24/47 rifles, the further need for arms continued.

The guns were converted using new and old parts and were stocked in new and used wood identical to pre-war Model 1924 rifle stocks.

M48 production is broken down by year as follows: 1950: 52,002 1951: 92,037 1952: 94,476 The M48A which replaced the M48 was essentially the same basic rifle, but with production time saving changes involving the use of stamped sheet steel parts.

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The majority of M48 series rifles will be stocked in either beech or elm.

All models of M48 can sometimes be found completely lacking all markings aside from the serial numbers.

The issue bayonet was also marked Preduzece 44 and was carried in a blued steel scabbard with a leather frog.

Although the first batch of M48's was stocked in walnut (only a few thousand rifles), the expense of the wood blanks forced a change to more affordable species.

On the barrel near the receiver will be a 3 or 4 digit number. The same number should be repeated on the underside of the bolt handle.

If both numbers match, the rifle has its original bolt.

Beginning in 1947, many of the old rifles and barelled actions on-hand were upgraded and rebuilt into serviceable arms to further bolster the military and satisfy their need for equipment.

These rifles provided the Yugoslavian armed forces with the backbone of their equipment until a longer-term solution could be found.

M48B's differ only in the use of additional stamped parts, the most obvious part being the trigger guard.

The receiver side wall of the M48 series rifles will be stamped Preduzece 44 which is the marking used for the Preduzece Crvena Zastava (Red Flag Factory) and the cyrillic FNRJ which is an acronym for the Federal National Republic of Yugoslavia.

Based on prototyping begun in 1948, in 1950 the Model 48 Mauser was finalized and adopted for service.

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