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All while he is flat broke and penniless owing the government and various other creditors, tens of thousands of dollars. Greedy and Shady desperate fatty Arbuckle Gregg Dodson surround himself with active criminals out setting up switch and bait dates with Trannys as female gender escorts and cares less except for the almighty dollar.He hides behind other people to do the work he does. Do you really want to be associated with someone who tricks john’s into fucking a tranny?Please take a look around to find your perfect match.

He texts and email clients pretending to be a female. I have much much much much more information coming on Gregg Dodson.

What kind of piece of shit man pretends to be a chick? I just wanted to take a moment to introduce you to this low life pimp.

Gregg Dodson is found of transsexuals and shows zero shame and is proud to personally book them for hooking activities and mix it up a bit with having them as cross overs in both arenas.

He books them for scenes in porn with straight talent via Skyn Talent.

He also books them for privates and doesn’t tell the clients that they are tranny’s and when they show up on client’s door, they get a real surprise.

Shameless fat ass Gregg Dodson promises clueless naive girls that he will put them on the “paper work” as partners but we all know that’s a fucking lie. Clair promise everyone in their path the world and delivers nothing.

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