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By the time he finishes a lap, the nodes have respawned and he can start again. At this point, he says the routine is almost entirely muscle memory, so he spends that time catching up on Netflix shows and movies he'd be watching anyway.To him, it's no different than knitting or any other passive hobby people invest in. It was something different and it was a goal I set for myself and I went ahead and did it." Still, the journey hasn't always been easy—and not just because of the massive grind.Johnnie filed a petition and Blizzard ultimately decided he could stay.

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Chapter 5: Published in UX Matters (February 8, 2016) Chapter 3: Published in A List Apart (February 17, 2016) I still remember when I started using Twitter in 2009.

All this information from all my favorite people was in one place: dedicated feeds on Tweet Deck for keywords, and conference hashtags I didn’t have the money or clout to attend. Then the cruft trickled in—humble brags, Internet drama, and inevitably, ads.

Use this book, and you will be practicing the hard and rewarding discipline of fast, high-quality, impactful product research.

—Benjamin Gadbaw Designer, investor, teacher It’s easy to say ‘Go talk to your users to find out what they want.’ It’s much more difficult to understand how to do this effectively.

Tomer does a brilliant job of explaining how to do this, along with giving the reader a clear methodology and substantive examples.

For my money, there’s no one who knows more about conducting user research—or who’s better at explaining how to do it in truly ‘lean’ fashion—than Tomer Sharon. If you care about getting your product right, buy this book.

Once that's done, he'll retire Doubleagent for a few years until the next expansion is released and the level cap is once again raised.

And just like the coming of spring or any other force of nature, you can bet Doubleagent will be back out on the Wandering Isle, picking flowers and mining ore, ignorant to whatever new dire circumstance faces Azeroth.

Sitting precariously on the back of the colossal turtle, it drifts from place to place across the seas of Azeroth. As one of the starter zones in World of Warcraft, new pandaren characters begin their journey here before flying off to join either the Horde or the Alliance in neverending war. has seen thousands of players level up and leave their homeland behind, but not him.

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