Updating t mobile g1

That’s as good as carrying a portable hard drive around with you.

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Warning: Some developers have not updated their apps to be compatible with Android 1.6 yet.

Check your favorite apps to make sure they have been updated and contact the developer if they have not.

When its done it looks like this: So we have audio from Audio player and You Tube, and the speaker dock charges the G1 too. This is really only useful if you have a brand new phone (unactivated, and never used it) So you have yourself a brand new G1 in your hand.

it's not activated (and is essentially not usable) until it connects to google's server and you setup your gmail account (a free google account IS needed even if you DON'T have a G1 Internet Service , or are not on T-mobile) The normal G1 Setup goes as follows: 1) You place your T-mobile SIM chip with the G1 internet option ($25/month) in your Gphone and you turn it on.

The rollout is staggered and occurring over several weeks.

You can stare at your phone endlessly waiting for the download or you can manually download it yourself.Even if we do exchange it, you will be without a device for several days (or possibly even weeks). Dial by Voice The G1 supports voice dialing, and you can easily call a friend by stating their name if you press and hold the Send key on the G1. Access the Applications Menu from Anywhere If you’re surfing the Web and want to quickly bring up your music player to switch songs, you can quickly do this by holding down the Home button on the G1. If you want to go directly to the desktop, just press the Home button once. Turn on Wi-Fi Phones don’t just automatically have Wi-Fi capabilities turned on.Bonus Tip: If you want to add in another caller while you’re on the phone, press the Send key while in a call. Use an mp3 as your Ringtone We’re not big fans of people using mp3s as ringtones, since the music selection is often pretty awful. To do this, press the Menu key while you’re on the home screen.2) You'll be asked your Gmail account (you can create one at this menu.3) Using the /month G1 internet service from t-mobile it will connect to google and activate the phone.1 & 2 are Ground - 3 is Right Audio 4 is Left Audio 16 is USB Ground - 23 is USB Power 5 On the G1 side of things the upper half of the connector is a standard mini-usb pinout, the bottom is very different. 1 is USB Power 5v in 5 is USB Ground - 6 is Left Audio 7 is marked “AG” on the T-Mobile Dash headset board, connect this one to pin 8 to enable audio.

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