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But Debian is the first one to complain a bit about the lack of network connection, and it waited for several seconds showing messages about attempting network connections.This extended the boot time to 3 mins 50 secs, which is still ok as far as live CDs go.

updating openoffice in lenny-80

Introduction Trying it out Laptop Barebone Netbook Raspberry Pi Installation Running Programming Live distros Ubuntu Badger Elive 0.3 Xubuntu Mandriva One 2006 Mandriva One 2007 Mandriva vs Kubuntu KDE 4.2 live Debian Lenny Ubuntu Lynx Elive 2.0 OSGeo vs Xubuntu Debian Squeeze Tails 3.2 More Info Downloads It's not every month that a new version of Debian comes out, and it's even less frequent that they release a live CD.

So here's a rare chance to check out the very latest release of the community-supported distribution without risking an install.

I began the update by directing my Etch installation to train its attention on the new Lenny repositories.

Lenny also ships with a handful of new tools for browsing through particular genres of applications available in the Debian repositories.

Bottom right is the default editor, gedit, and top middle is the default file browser showing the home directory. Top left is the Gimp, which made the screenshot, and bottom middle is one of the Gnome games included by default, called Klotski.

As is typical with Gnome, the main program menu is in the top left, rather than bottom left, and the clock is in the top right.

By the way, in case you were wondering, the "Lenny" in the name comes from a Toy Story character, as all the names of Debian releases do.

Thankfully, it's easier to explain to your boss that you want to install "Lenny" than telling him you want "Woody"...

With its large number of available software packages, Debian is great for thumbing through what the open-source world has to offer. Org 7.3, Lenny's X server can auto-configure itself with most hardware.

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