Tupac and left eye dating

I have such a frenzied rush of impressions from that day.

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By this time, I was Pop Music Critic at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

My job was to report on all of the stars of Atlanta’s burgeoning hip-hop and R&B scene.

This is what the solo album meant to her --- a chance to remake herself, to change her public image, to experience a creative rebirth.

The condo sat on the Hudson River, overlooking a striking Manhattan skyline.

She had the look of a person for whom diet had become religion.

Though she'd waged a very public battle with alcohol, which she admitted contributed to her burning down Rison's house in 1994, she told me that she had sworn off alcohol, excepting the occasional glass of wine, and meat, dairy and processed food.

Lisa Lopes was a sad, tortured person—that much was clear after the TLC singer burned down her boyfriend's mansion in Atlanta back in 1994.

But until you've seen the documentary "Last Days of Left Eye" (premiering May 19 on VH1), you have no idea how miserable she was.

So when one of the city’s brightest talents passed away, I had to get to work.

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