100 dating sudan - There is a problem with updating the classic specific files

The import should work fine then while skipping the extraction process.

there is a problem with updating the classic specific files-33

Backup Buddy is reporting that it is unable to access this functionality on my server hosting environment.

Please enable this functionality for me so that I may use this backup solution in combination with your hosting.

In full backups, the actual database is backed up also.

To find this sql file, look for the following folder in your backup file after you have extracted/unzipped the backup zip file: wp-content/uploads/backupbuddy_temp/XXXXXXXX The XXXXXXXX part in the above link will be a serial code that matches the one in the backup name.

The unzip process either failed (most likely) or the zip file is not a proper Backup Buddy backup." There is one report that on Step 4, started showing the actual file contents.

The reason for this was that the EXTRACTED .htaccess file from the OLD server/site was causing the issue.

-- In summary, the steps that helped me fix this problem were: 1) Enable mod_rewrite on Apache, 2) Restart Apache, 3) Rename .htaccess to .(move it out of the way), 4) Regenerate the .htaccess file (as above) -- "Error!

The unzip process reported success but the backup data file, backupbuddy_was not found in the extracted files.

A fix is available here: The migration completed successfully and the site is browse-able but when you try to log in you keep getting redirected back to the log-in page and the URL looks something like this: This is a common Word Press related issue and not a result of Backup Buddy backup or restore/import.

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