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There are no IELTS tests offered by British Council in Thane but you may be able to do a test in a British Council test centre nearby.

Conscience and guilt were never factors in his assignments, nor were judgments right or wrong, though the latter wasn't always true.

When Thane's assassin training began at age six, concepts like honor and free will meant little to him.

Thane asked her why, and she simply replied she never lived her life.

Thane believed he did not see murder in Rasa's soul, and that he was misinformed of her purpose.

Thane was sent to assassinate an old salarian war criminal.

The salarian was just another target to him until a stranger came from nowhere and put herself in his line of fire.

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Thane was interviewed by Cerberus in their bid to assemble a team for Shepard.

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