Thailand old and young sex

In the eyes of Thai society men have a responsibility to refrain from soiling women like this.

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Of course there are guys who have done so knowingly, in full knowledge that what they were doing was illegal, breaking not only the laws of Thailand, but perhaps also the laws of their own country too.

There is a significant number of underage working in the naughty bars in Thailand.

There is a misconception that if a girl works in a bar, especially a Western owned or managed bar, that she will be of legal age.

Most Western bar owners are careful when hiring staff and wouldn't dream of hiring an underage girl, but there are a few who will take underage girls on, so long as the girl in question is not blatantly obviously underage. If we turn back the clock a few years, one particular Soi Cowboy bar rightfully had the reputation of being something of a paedophile's playground.

Unfortunately there are a few bar owners who may truly believe that all of their girls are of legal age, when in fact one or two are not. If my memory serves me right, there were 4 girls aged under 16, and about the same number again aged under 18.

A few of the girls even came from the same village in Surin.

If the boy was Thai he would in all likelihood be given the chance to marry the girl. But if the boy was not willing to marry her, or the family did not approve of this lad to marry their daughter, the girl's parents would go and see the boy's parents to discuss the issue and try and come up with a suitable .

Let's not beat about the bush here, resolution means a cash settlement.

If a guy is naughty in Thailand with a girl aged 14 or less, he is breaking the law. Even if she had purported to be older, if he's caught off to the monkey house, or making one huge donation to .

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