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Two years later he began work on the imposing brick mansion.Throughout the next forty–seven years Robert Allerton and his adopted son, John Gregg Allerton (1899–1986), transformed their country house, The Farms, into a central Illinois showplace estate, with activity climaxing in the 1920s and early 1930s.(T 18 N, R 5 E) near Monticello, Illinois on the upper Sangamon River.

North of this garden stands the House of the Golden Buddhas, a folly which permits an aerial view of the garden.

Located behind the stable, the Herb Garden, also called the Kitchen Garden, is characterized by its many green herbs and a green porcelain Fu Dog statue.

This garden, featuring an array of 22 blue porcelain Fu Dog statues in front of white fir trees, was originally commissioned in 1932 to display Allerton's collection of the ceramic statues.

The focal point of the garden is these 22 statues mounted on concrete pedestals.

The tenants are required to submit cash bids for leases on the land they farm. Several years were required to prepare Allerton House as a conference center, with the first conference being held in June 1949.

The Allerton farms in Robert Allerton's time consisted of Piatt North No. This was a Seminar on Educational Radio with participants from all over the United States and several foreign countries.

Robert donated the complex to the University of Illinois in 1946.

As of 2007, the park was used by approximately 100,000 visitors per year.

Allerton Park's gardens consist of a 1/4-mile-long (0.4 km) formal garden, and a 1 The gardens are laid out along an axis oriented on the course of the Sangamon River, which runs from northeast to southwest through the park.

Directions in the park are generally given as if the axis was straight east and west.

The two-week conference was directed by university specialists in mass communications.

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