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Making a good fit: coming together “Fit” describes the way a baby’s environment – that is, her parents and other caregivers – accommodates her temperament.

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Mary Sheedy Kurcinka, author of Raising Your Spirited Child, suggests that you may have to mourn that dream baby. The only thing to do is say goodbye to the dream child, and focus in a positive way on your real child. Rosemary Liston’s baby, Sarah, was a sensitive soul, and she cried a lot. Acceptance is a wonderful gift – a gift she’ll never outgrow.

Liston remembers: “Every time she cried I was hysterical. Lana: “Intense Needs” “Lana wanted to nurse all the time, but the slightest noise bothered her when she nursed. ) nap, there was no way to do anything while she slept because the noise would wake her, screaming. I tried every tape we had, and found John Prine soothed her, though not every time, and not for long.” The parents and the fit: Lana is a baby with lots of needs, and she told her parents about those needs by crying.

” Perhaps you were extremely persistent as a child, but were taught that being “stubborn” is unacceptable.

Having a strong-willed baby may bring you in touch with who you were, and who you are.

What makes one baby quiet and observant, while his cousin is active and exuberant? Living with that mystery begins by acknowledging that your baby, no matter how young, has her own temperament, and you do too.

How those two temperaments “fit” is a complex and lifelong exploration. You will bring out the clear notes in your baby’s score, and she will mellow and modulate yours – for parents grow with their babies.

I had no one to tell me how much crying was normal.” Having a shaky support system puts a great deal of pressure on the baby-parent fit. Lana’s parents set aside images of easy babies, tidy houses and quiet mealtimes, focused on Lana and her needs, and tried not to take it personally.

Sources of support can be as close as a partner or neighbour who will provide a sounding board or baby care – sometimes a very small break will be enough to regain perspective. If it’s too tight across the shoulders, the sleeves don’t go much past your elbows, and the wool is scratchy, you can’t really think about anything but how uncomfortable the sweater is. If the expectations in her environment don’t respect her temperament, if she doesn’t “feel right” because her needs are not accepted, then the creative energy that should go into learning about her world goes instead into struggling with a fit that binds. It took patience, energy and concentration to help Lana through her infancy. He goes to sleep whenever he’s tired, wherever he is.

Good fit starts with acceptance: Your child’s behaviour reflects the way she feels. What challenges some parents is not the temperament of their baby, but their own expectations.

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