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but the Companion you've got with you will hate that answer, and you don't want to lose Affection with them, so you instead pick the answer that the Companion wants to hear.As much as possible, we want you to be able to participate in the story and make the decisions that you feel are true to your character.

This event will run from June 13, 217 until August (no end date given yet) What’s New This Year?

KIngpin’s Rancor and Vectron Magnus mount that were previously from Kingpin Slot machines have been replaced with Vectron BWL Wraith and Gamorrean Guard items.

When summoned, a Companion's portrait will display an icon signifying their current combat role.

The combat role can be changed at any time (provided you are not currently in combat) by right clicking on their portrait, and selecting a new role.

Expandability and Versatility Simply put, we need to make sure the Companion system has both the versatility, and expandability necessary to keep up with your desires to have bolder, more meaningful choice options, as well as to fully utilize the incredible storytelling potential of Knights of the Fallen Empire’s episodic narrative.

Companion System Changes: With the release of Game Update 4.0, all Companion characters will now be able to switch between all three primary combat roles.

When a Companion's combat role is changed, their ability bar will fully swap out for their updated role's abilities.

This change is huge in terms of addressing our first goal of removing Companion usage barriers.

I'd therefore like to take some time to share with you some details about the changes and new features related to Companions that will be coming with the launch of Game Update 4.0, as well as some of our thoughts behind these changes.

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