Stretch marks and dating fun dating sims

you will find someone else and he will love you for you and see these marks as a sign of motherhood.

they are the most natural thing in the world, and the even better news is that they fade I use to get embarassed of my stretch marks but I met this guy who completely changed my attitude.

If that’s the case, just wait until you live somewhere with a better representation of the male gender.

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in the US it comes in a jar, you can get it at any healthy food store or vitamin store. you can add your favorite perfumes to it as it has virtually no scent. if someone cannot see that and has a problem with it, trust me they are not worth your type...

i don't know if it's too late but i used it pretty early on and through the end of my pregancy and the only place i got stretch marks was where i didn't put far as finding a man later on in life... enjoy your pregnancy, your child's birth and new life when the time comes. it is unfortunate that society dictates that looks and appearance are very important...

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let dating be the last thing you worry about for a while. ;) there are plenty of men out there that will love you just the way you are... just love yourself the way you are and someone out there will do the same...hayley I'm glad you asked... My midwife loved my marks - she said they were like tiger stripes. I haven't "been" with anyone since my ex, and I have to admit, it's always been at the back of my mind too. It's good to have the reassurance that the mature men out there really do have their eye on more important things.

don't worry about it at all, just be patient, your turn will come.

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