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Maltesers won from a shortlist of brands that included Amazon, Dove, Barclays, H&M, Lloyds Bank, Lynx, and Purdey's. The Channel 4 initiative "moved us into action", she says.

Oliver, who has been with Mars for more than 20 years, says it was on her agenda to improve diversity in the company's communications when she was promoted to head U. After agreeing to enter the contest, Mars turned to disability charity Scope for guidance.

The broadcaster has championed the media representation of disability since the launch of its award-winning "Meet the superhumans" spot for the 2012 London Paralympics, which was followed this year with a TV ad featuring 140 disabled people.

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To illustrate her point, she spills a bag of Maltesers, a U. This spot is one of three Maltesers ads depicting people with disabilities, which were shown during Channel 4's coverage of the opening ceremony of the Rio Paralympics last night.

The Mars brand and its ad agency Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO created them after winning a competition organised by Channel 4, which awarded £1 million worth of airtime to the best campaign idea featuring disabled people.

"We make chocolate; we're not experts in disability," Oliver says.

The organisation advised on every stage of the process, from casting to working with disabled actors and striking the right tone in the ads.

"We're not treating these ads as some sort of special case.

After the Paralympics, they'll live alongside the other ads in the campaign," she says.

The new ads are a continuation of its "Look on the light side" campaign, which launched earlier this summer. In three previous animated spots, comedians Lucy Beaumont, Lou Sanders, and Andi Osho relay awkward or embarrassing situations they've encountered, such as walking around a shop without realizing you still have your umbrella up.

Allan says Channel 4 was looking for campaign ideas with longevity, rather than just a Paralympics stunt.

But talking to members of the focus groups showed him that "humor is a powerful tool to break down taboos." "After five minutes, we were talking about going out for pints, sex … "Just because you have a disability doesn't mean you haven't got a sense of humor." See also: Patients expect pharma will boost engagement Oliver adds: "The insight we got was that people with disability end up being either pitied or celebrated as superhumans in the Paralympics but, actually, we're all just people getting on with our lives with their highs and lows." Each of the new ads is inspired by a true story shared by the people in the focus groups.

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