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You can also select the details that you are looking for in a match such as physical traits, location, language, religion, political views, dietary habits and profession.

Lastly, you can upload up to ten photos so others can see the real you.

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Trek Passions has a homepage that has a blue and white color theme along with an interesting sci-fi slideshow of aliens, spaceships and time portals.

If you are interested in joining a sci-fi community, Trek Passions is a good choice.

Do you dare tread into this otherworldly dating pool?

Online dating services seem to be getting incredibly specialized. Someday soon, we'll all be fondly recalling the great populist power of OK Cupid.

A good idea is to incorporate a favorite sci-fi movie, author, character or a famous quote into your profile headline so it’s easier for others to find you.

The next section will give you the opportunity to share information about yourself like body type, ethnicity, personality traits, recreational drug use, health issues and hobbies.

If you can tell someone is leaning out, just cut it, especially after a date or two don’t get too upset if you don’t get a response back. Our read receipts feature that comes with membership is a helpful tip to turn on here.

In The League’s opinion, ghosting is acceptable after one or two dates.

From the website: "This culture is taking the web by storm and we make it easy for you to find others that share the same dark passions.

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