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Parker Drive where 15 individuals were observed fighting.

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Several victims, despite suffering stab wounds, told police they never saw a knife, Hiers said.

According to police, at a.m., officers were dispatched to 16 N.

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Three victims were released, but one remained in the intensive care unit with non-life threatening injuries, said Lt. Police were working to piece together "multiple descriptions of what happened," given by victims, witnesses and bar staff members, he said.

So far, the process has been complicated by the fact that "most people, if not everyone, had been drinking," Hiers said.Some of these stories are just sick what people do under the influence of alcohol, while others are just sad that someone had to lose their life because of something so stupid.Every two weeks or so I will update this page and include the stories I collected from the previous two weeks.The driver of the Mustang, a 41-year-old Marva Knows His Gun, of Hardin, died at the Indian Health Service in Crow Agency.Her son, 17-year-old Frankie Knows His Gun, Jr., and another passenger, 19-year-old Corma Jefferson Fire Bear, from Crow Agency, both died at the scene, said Big Horn County Coroner Terry Bullis.They either are "widowed" or their marriage needs spicing up. I understand that but really screen your matches carefully.

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