Spacewalk client not updating

Hope this help Hi Matus, Is any fix released for this issue.?I was looking for a patch management solution for my ubuntu 14.04 desktops.try to run: dpkg -l python It will probably get “dpkg-query: no packages found matching python” even though python is installed.

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Get:1 spacewalk:// channels:/main amd64 Packages [20 B] … [email protected]:/etc/apt/d# apt-get update Apt-Spacewalk: Updating … Get:1 spacewalk://lan channels:/main amd64 Packages [1,923 k B] …

Fetched 5,441 k B in 7s (680 k B/s) Reading package lists…

Basically, same issue as Debian use to have when Multi-Arch was introduced:

bug=723586 In this case spacewalk is creating metadata during repo sync and Multi-Arch flag is ignored.

Regards, Kristjan Hi There, thanks for your great manual! The compilation and installation goes without probs.

I’ve got the Spacewalk Client running on Ubuntu 14, but I’ve got problems with 12. But after the client registration, I get the error message in /var/log/up2date I’ve got up2date Warning: haldaemon or messagebus service not running. [Wed Dec 10 2014] up2date Traceback (most recent call last): File “/usr/sbin/rhnreg_ks”, line 218, in …

you can compare Packages file from spacewalk in /var/cache/rhn/repodata/main_trusty/ on your spacewalk server with one from ubuntu repository.

I can confirm if I manually add “Multi-Arch: allowed” into python and python3 in /var/cache/rhn/repodata/main_trusty/Packages and create Packages.gz, “apt-get update && apt-get upgrade” works.

However, this is not a solution, as this files will be overwritten with new versions of python.

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