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While much time and thought has been put into the new design, the new Healthy Eating Pyramid is essentially a new twist on a consistent theme: The new Pyramid maintains the original messages above, while providing more definition about how much each food group contributes to a daily diet.

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This advice is intended for the average ‘healthy’ person.

People who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or who have a chronic health condition, food intolerance or allergies should speak to their GP or an Accredited Practising Dietitian for specific dietary advice.

Effective surgical infection prevention requires redesigning systems to reduce risk factors and to optimize evidence-based processes of care.

Essential process for prevention of surgical site infections are core measures in the and have been essential components in IHI surgical safety efforts: selection, timing, and duration of antimicrobial prophylaxis; glucose control in cardiac surgery; hair removal technique and other basic prevention strategies.

So we separated each layer into the specific foods groups, to provide that greater level of detail, while still retaining the original Pyramid structure.

To do this, the ‘Eat more’ layer was split into three main food groups: vegetables & legumes, fruit and grains. For many years the top ‘Eat in small amounts’ layer of the Pyramid encouraged us to limit the total amount of added fats and sugar we consume.

In addition to the proper use of prophylactic antibiotics and good surgical technique, other factors under the control of the operative team have been demonstrated to affect significantly the risk of SSI. Other articles have demonstrated that stringent glucose control in surgical intensive care unit patients reduces mortality (Van den Berghe.

These other factors include avoiding hair removal at the operative site or when necessary, not using razors to remove hair.

An estimated 40–60 percent of Surgical Site Infections (SSIs) are preventable with appropriate use of prophylactic antibiotics.

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