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Think about the context before using sex emoticons and sexy avatars. Be very careful when using sex avatars that your mother or your teacher don't stumble upon your blog and see something you'd really rather prefer they didn't.It's easier to stay out of the hole than dig yourself out of it.

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Sex chat emoticons

It was 2005 and we were busy designing innocent little msn emoticons and msn smileys for My

We were having fun designing sweet and innocent emoticons but the fun was taken to a different level altogether when lots of our users started asking for adult icons. Very soon we'd built a collection of adult emoticons and adult avatars.

Even the most innocent of websites often has an easy access 'adult' area that doesn't come with 'over 18 years only' warnings. Freedom is something that the world wide web promotes.

Certainly, Internet porn is condemnable but there's a difference between that and some harmless adult fun.

There are many websites that will give you access to a variety of ways to express adult emotions - including sex emotions.

We at My Emoticons do have to take some responsibility.

You can also use them in QQ Messenger but remember, the Chinese Government openly disapproves of porn so be very careful if you're showing any adult msn emotions in China.

You can use adult avatars and display pictures anywhere you like - yahoo, msn and aol instant messenger, blogs and email - as well as Skype.

Understandably parents don't want their child's online experience tarnished.

We know it's easy to stumble upon content on emoticon and smiley websites that's too grown up.

Imagine naughty emoticons - cheeky and very funny but not too sexually explicit.

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