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With Madara having driven the Kyuubi to attack Konoha – which he certainly couldn't affect, being less than three months old at the time – things only got worse. "Sakura still hasn't shown up yet, but Kakashi and I are betting that will happen next year when we make Genin.""I see," Sasuke said. With Kakashi having already been around for a decade, he started changing things left and right. " Sasuke fired off."Obito is your cousin," Naruto began. He was on Kakashi's team and, as such, he was on my father's team," Naruto continued. Kakashi kind of…obsessed, as you probably noticed, and came back to save him. Not to mention that he was the one who offered you a place outside of Konoha to begin with.If couldn't stop the attempted coup, then he certainly couldn't and it wasn't worth the chance to see his clan again to have to watch Itachi destroy them and abandon him again. His life after the massacre was really nothing worth repeating, but he wanted to come back a little before he graduated so he would have some time to refamiliarize himself with his past and change anything he didn't like. For instance, did you know that when that Kumo ambassador tried to kidnap Hinata, Kakashi was on hand to incapacitate him without killing him so Neji's father wouldn't have to die? Since he was on my father's team, your family realized he had quite a bit of loyalty to Konoha and didn't tell him about the coup and Kakashi was supposed to keep him out of the compound that night.""I have relatives," Sasuke repeated, trying to grasp this basic fact. Whatever.""As for Orochimaru…well, I told you that I didn't want to deal with you sulking, right? "I came back to the day of the massacre so I could 'be there for you' afterwards or whatever so you'd hopefully grow up less emo. The way I see it, if it hadn't been for him you wouldn't have left.""It was still my choice," Sasuke felt obligated to point out. "You're my best friend and he was a crazy pedophile. Naruto had eventually helped him see that it really wasn't fair to take out his pain and desire for vengeance on everyone who happened to live in Konoha and that what's more it would make the Uchiha Massacre completely pointless.

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You can't just go around killing village elders every time you feel like it! Because remember, you're not supposed to know that he's the one who killed your clan and neither am I.

" Naruto burst out."I just did," Sasuke pointed out. ""Kakashi meddled and so the Third sealed the Kyuubi," Naruto explained."Kakashi killed the Third? Only my father, Kakashi, and Jiraiya are supposed to know since you killed the unholy alliance.""The what?

They've found out that they have so many things in common, among them photography and selfies of course.

So after a while, Barbie and Ken decided that it's about time to have a real date and meet up at the restaurant. Make sure you help out lovely Barbie and get her perfect ready for a date.

It wouldn't do to let people panic unnecessarily…"When the two boys reached the strange house that Naruto swore he lived in, he found Kakashi sitting at the table with his brother and an older Uchiha who he assumed was Obito."Where have you guys been? " Kakashi asked Naruto quietly."Wiped out the unholy alliance," Naruto replied. "I wonder who Minato will appoint to replace them.""Well, he did say that he was looking for a way to get baa-chan to come back for more than her biannual hospital inspections," Naruto pointed out. Jiraiya would seem like the obvious choice, but his spy network is kind of personally held together by him, so…""Nara Shikaku would be a good pick," Kakashi mused.

" Obito asked, not even bothering to wonder why Naruto was with Sasuke. ""Now you have no excuse not to propose," Naruto informed him."I'll get around to it…" Kakashi insisted."Hi, Nii-san," Sasuke said, unsure of really what else to say. "Seeing as how he's probably the smartest person in the village and a tactical genius as well.""So it looks like Sasuke's revenge-seeking tendencies actually had a positive outcome this time," Naruto said, sounding almost awed."Yes, but we must never, ever tell him this. If he's bad as far as that goes now, just imagine how bad it would be if he had ENCOURAGEMENT…"Note: Now all that's left is for Sakura to come back ready to show the world she's not useless and be confused as hell.

Not to mention brushing up on his taijutsu and working to get his body accustomed to his more interesting jutsu. I ran into Kakashi and he filled me in on what had been going on. Besides, was I supposed to blame for what happened? "As hard to believe as a thirteen-year-old prodigy wiping out the clan might have been, an eight-year-old above-average academy student would have been far more ridiculous.

As Sasuke put the finishing touches on Danzo's suicide letter – he had realized that Homura and Koharu were too set in their ways and could not lead Konoha into the future but did not wish to be tried and executed for treason so he was going to die with them – and deactivated his Sharingan, he reflected that it really shouldn't have been that easy to poison the Council and future Rokudaime. " Sasuke replied."Midnight ramen run," Naruto explained. Since Obito would probably end up taking you in as you were kind of lacking in family – which he did – I decided I didn't want my trip to be worthless and so we ended up blaming everything on Orochimaru.""Blaming what on Orochimaru? Not to mention that Itachi would have found a way to take responsibility. If people think Orochimaru is responsible, what happened to him?

Make sure to rearrange everything to allow the picture to look right. There are lots of possibilities when it comes to dress and style, so use your imagination when playing this flash game.

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