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The ongoing restoration of the Bahia Grande is the most significant environmental success in South Texas in recent years.Over 21,000 acres were acquired as part of Laguna Atascosa NWR in 2000.On this trip, we’ll have an opportunity of witnessing the dramatic results and the privilege of birding an area not generally open to the public. We will have a restroom stop before and after our birding.

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Goals: Racking up an impressive day list – Valley specialties, anything, everything!

Dorian Anderson holds an extraordinary record – 617 species seen in the U. in one year (2014) and all strictly under his own steam!

The islands were created from materials dredged during the construction of the Intracoastal Waterway and, under the protection of the National Audubon Society, are now invaluable habitat for nesting, feeding and roosting waders, shorebirds and larids.

Stephanie is the Conservation Biologist with the Coastal Bend Bays and Estuaries Program, which has for many years studied and monitored the bird populations of these islands.

With its 760 acres of land and bird list of 358 species, it’s not surprising that this oldest of the South Texas state parks was chosen as the headquarters of the World Birding Center complex.

The woodlands are home to many of the Valley’s specialties.During the year he biked 17,830 miles, walked 493 miles, and canoed 8 miles – and raised some ,000 for conservation. These trips will all be limited to eight participants.We will have the pleasure of biking for birds with Dorian, but we’ll be travelling to and from the parks’ sites in a van so we will be cheating a little.Expect a wide variety of birds on this eclectic trip.Note: Although there will be photo opportunities, only hand-held cameras will be allowed on the boat segment. The half of your morning that will be on a small powerboat will be without restroom facilities.Below is a more detailed daily description of the activities offered, with access to the specific information in each box.

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