Refresh bind after updating zone file

As I mentioned at the beginning, the assignment of IP addresses on the LAN is performed by the DHCP server.

refresh bind after updating zone file-64refresh bind after updating zone file-4

Picking the "Yes, and replace existing" option when creating the A record will work.

Editing an existing A record and filling in the "update reverse: yes" option doesn't work either.

It's also connected to the LAN ( by its secondary network interface(

It's on this that we are going to install the primary DNS server for our domain (RFC 2606) All the computers on the LAN are automatically assigned a single address by the DHCP service.

add record: www3;; update reverse = Yes 5. www1 IN A www2 IN A www3 IN A www4 IN A ;;; /var/named/master/$TTL 86400 @ IN SOA . ( 2016021110 10800 3600 604800 86400 ) IN NS lolcathost.

add record: www4;; update reverse = Yes (and replace existing) 6.

The first is dedicated to name resolution, in our case, it is the file db.

The second will be used for reverse name resolution, it is the file db.inv. In this case the name of the primary DNS server "sid." and the email address of technical contact (root.; the @ is replaced by a dot).

This has worked in past versions of webmin, pre-1.780. add record: www1;; update reverse = Yes 3.

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