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A New York Times report described the story of Justin Berry, a 13-year-old boy who, after hooking up his webcam and listing himself on an online forum in order to make friends, was propositioned by older men to strip and masturbate on camera.

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No doubt she was abducted because she wanted to be and, since 'woman is always a fickle and inconstant creature', she herself arranged that she should become the kidnapper's prize.

Almost all the world's most notable catastrophes have been caused by women, witness Mark Antony and Troy.

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She was then charged with public indecency after the show that was originally made for My Free was posted on other sites. The incident greatly increased Sunderland's popularity, and she has continued to webcam and speak positively of it as a career.

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The two earliest English accounts to deal with Derbforgaill’s abduction are Gerald of Wales’ Expugnatio Hibernica (‘Conquest of Ireland’) and the anonymous Anglo-Norman French poem commonly known by the modern title The Song of Dermot and the Earl.

The Song of Dermot and the Earl and Expugnatio Hibernica follow the same pattern, portraying Derbforgaill’s abduction in 1152 and Mac Murchada’s banishment in 1166 as occurring at the same time.

She is famously known as the "Helen of Ireland" as her abduction from her husband Tigernán Ua Ruairc by Diarmait Mac Murchada, king of Leinster, in 1152 played some part in bringing the Anglo-Normans to Irish shores, although this is a role that has often been greatly exaggerated and often misinterpreted.

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