Rails timestamps not updating

To get going with our application, we need to generate the tables to store data into, as shown in the previous section.

Migrations enable a developer to generate a database structure using a series of Ruby script files (each of which is an individual migration) to define database operations.

The "operations" part of that last sentence is important: migrations are not just for creating tables, but also for dropping tables, altering them, and even adding data to them.

This is probably bad; it would be better to make regular fields to contain the data we are trying to conditionally shoehorn into the timestamp.

I have a problem with the CKEditor window popping up with the correct style window, but none of the buttons show up.

According to Postgres doc, PRIMARY_KEY constraint is a combination of a unique constraint and a not-null constraint.

We have following migration: I don’t like this solution because I love readability of helper methods than SQL.

However, most of applications I am working on are running My SQL.

Active Record is the ORM layer (see the section Connecting Rails to a Database in the previous article) used in Rails.

I've already cleared cache and all that between changes, so I know that's not the issue. Here's my file (as downloaded from the builder: /** * @license Copyright (c) 2003-2013, CKSource - Frederico Knabben.

In an application we are developing, there are various things and related models that could influence a product's stock.

(This is typically how you would code a database for a PHP application.) However, things have moved on in the Rails world.

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