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For the creationist, important questions arise: Are planets which circle faraway stars beyond the solar system actually being discovered?

Since our creation model is solidly in place, based on both science and Scripture, it is not threatened by new astronomical discoveries.

To make the popular assumption that the gas and dust came from preexisting stars is simply to reason in a circle.

Radiometric dating planets

The complexity of space appears to be designed to get our attention and also to frustrate all natural origin theories.

Only on an evolutionary time scale can regions like the Eagle Nebula properly be called "star nurseries." In stellar evolution models hundreds of thousands of years are required for a dust cloud somehow to collapse and a new star to form.

Dramatic space pictures from the Hubble Telescope and other new instruments have become frequent news events.

Everyone is awed by these colorful images of distant planets, stars, and galaxies.

One alternative creationist model is that the entire heavens were formed much as we see them currently.

If Adam and Eve had had access to a telescope, their space view then would have been very similar to ours today.

But what about additional planets far beyond the solar system?

Such objects circling other stars have long been sought by astronomers.

The sun itself is a stable gaseous sphere, as is the planet Jupiter.

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