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They are also known to eat leaves, and fruits and berries when they are available.

Although the Quokka mainly browses for food on the ground, they are also known to climb about a meter or so up into the trees, and also swallow their food without chewing it.

Although they are known to share these habitats peacefully most of the time, fights between males are not unheard of, particularly on a hot day when they compete for the most sheltered spots.

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Quokka Diet and Prey Like other Wallaby species, the Quokka is a vegetarian, meaning that its herbivorous diet is solely comprised of the surrounding plant material.

The Quokka most commonly feeds on different grasses that line that tunnels that they make through the dense vegetation.

Out of the roughly 50 known Kangaroo and Wallaby (and other marsupial) species on the continent however, the Quokka is one of three whose ancestry is still fairly hazy today.

The fact that the Quokka browses for food rather than simply grazing makes it quite different to other species, but despite all this, many agree that they are most closely related to the Rock Wallaby.

Unlike other Wallaby species, the tail of the Quokka has hardly any fur on it at all and they also don't need it to balance whilst they are hopping along.

Quokka Distribution and Habitat Historically, the Quokka had quite a wide distribution and was once found throughout the coastal regions of south-western Australia.

In these island environments, Quokka are most commonly found in thick forest, open woodland and areas of scrub that are close to fresh water.

Their preferred habitats are always close to water, and the Quokka can also be found along the edges of swamps.

At night, the Quokka then begins to browse for food using tunnels through the long, grasses to move about unseen.

Quokka Reproduction and Life Cycles The breeding season for the Quokka tends to occur in the cooler months between January and March, when a single joey is born after a gestation period of just a month.

Quokka Interesting Facts and Features Quokka family units are most commonly found in areas close to one another, where there is a decent source of fresh water.

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