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Compare his 2016 dark conceptual album that is due out this fall, Thomas will focus on his resurgence from the depression that inspired his first LP.

In the meantime, though, you can enjoy any of the loosies from his summer-long series, #Servin All Summer. DJBooth is committed to quality music journalism, never clickbait.

-EP DEAF MUTATIONS-Crash the Clubs-EP RAYOS X-Sufrimiento-EP ORIGIN OF M-LP THE A HEADS-Discography-LP RIVAL MOB-live [caption id="attachment_4261" align="alignright" width="129" caption="Robert Collins"][/caption] Robert Collins WHITE LUNG/NÜ SENSAE-split EP / DECRANEO-EP PSYCHIC LIMB-LP / DOUBLE NEGATIVE-both EPs DEAD LANGUAGE-LP STRESSORS-live / BELGRADO-LP ASSHOLE PARADE/SLIGHT SLAPPERS-split LP DESPERAT-Suicide Attack-EP YDINPERHE-LP ESCROTO DE RATA-Punk Rock Sex Basura-LP STRONG AS TEN/KOENIGSTEIN YOUTH-split LP NUCLEAR CULT-EP / DEAF MUTATIONS-EP [caption id="attachment_4641" align="alignleft" width="130" caption="Dougie!

"][/caption] Sean “Dougie” Dougan GIUDA-Racey Roller-LP SYDNEY DUCKS-Stray Dogs/He Lives for Today-45 DOPECHARGE-Kill Cops Dead-EP ARCANE RIFLES-Get Up and Off It/Along the Wall-45 SEVERE SEVERE-Break Up the Dance-CD MIDNITE SNAXXX-A Guy Like That/Jackie-45 THE SHITTY LIMITS-Speculate/Accumulate-LP THE YOUNGER LOVERS-Rock Flawless-LP V/A-The Astounding Freak Party-10” CRAZY SPIRIT-I’m Dead-EP [caption id="attachment_4121" align="alignright" width="131" caption="Layla G"][/caption] Layla Gibbon BELGRADO-LP THE SHITTY LIMITS-Speculate/Accumulate-LP WHITE LUNG/NÜ SENSAE-split / NÜ SENSAE-EP DEAD LANGUAGE-LP DOUBLE NEGATIVE-both EPs / THROWING UP-45 LOVE CUTS-Hi Smile Wave-EP CRAZY SPIRIT-EP / ESCROTO DE RATA-LP DARK LION-For Scotty-EP / DOLLY MIXTURE-LP HYSTERICS / DISPLEASURE / ARCTIC FLOWERS / ICEAGE / PETALS / BRILLIANT COLORS-live [caption id="attachment_4692" align="alignleft" width="134" caption="Dan Goetz"][/caption] Dan Goetz KRÖMOSOM-live WARCRY-live DESPERAT-Suicide Attack-EP DOPECHARGE-Kill Cops Dead-EP WHITE LUNG/NÜ SENSAE-split EP THE DEADBEATS-Kill the Hippies-10” DISPLEASURE-live OBN III’S-45 / THROWING UP-EP CRAZY SPIRIT-I’m Dead-EP STOCKPILE-EP / PUSSY DOGS-EP [caption id="attachment_4120" align="alignright" width="134" caption="Bob Goldie (circa 1986)"][/caption] Bob Goldie CREAMERS-Modern Day-EP SYDNEY DUCKS-Stray Dogs/He Lives For…-45 TINO VALPA-EP / NATURE BOYS-EP DEAF MUTATIONS-EP / BEATEN HEARTS-EP ARSENE OBSCENE-EP / CROISSANTS-EP THE DIALS/IDIOT VOX-split EP BAND OF BEARDS-Fuerteventura-LP THEE SPIVS-It’s True/Taped Up-45 NUCLEAR CULT-EP / DOPECHARGE-EP THE SLEAZE-Weird Truck/Splotch on Something Clean-45 Kenny Kaos DIRTY CUPCAKES / PRIMITIVE HEARTS-live THE SLEAZE-Weird Truck/Splotch on Something Clean-45 THE DIALS/IDIOT VOX-split EP THE ITCHIES/THE MINISKIRTS-split EP THEE SPIVS-It’s True/Taped Up-45 VOYTEK-Saturday Night Again/Voytek Party-45 MIDNITE SNAXXX-A Guy Like That/Jackie-45 BEATEN HEARTS-EP / THE SHITTY LIMITS-LP DOLLY MIXTURE-Remember This-LP THE DEADBEATS-Kill The Hippies-10” Carolyn Keddy THE SLEAZE-both 45s TY SEGALL-Goodbye Bread-CD BAD DADDIES-Roman Polanski-EP ARSENE OBSCENE-EP / MIDNITE SNAXXX-EP DRUGS DRAGONS-EP / CHARLES ALBRIGHT-45 THE SHITTY LIMITS-Speculate/Accumulate-LP THE ITCHIES/THE MINISKIRTS-split EP DOLLY MIXTURE-Remember This-LP THE GRUDGE-When Christine Comes Around-45 ANIMALS AND MEN-live Ray Lujan BARE MINIMUM-CD DIRTY TACTICS-The Divine Middle-EP DOLLY MIXTURE-Remember This-LP GAGGERS-LP / GIUDA-LP THE HOLY MESS-CD / POOR LILY-CD SEVERE SEVERE-Break Up The Dance-CD THE SHITTY LIMITS-Speculate/Accumulate-LP THEE SPIVS-It’s True/Taped Up-45 THE STALKERS-45 / STREET EATERS-LP PAUL COLLINS BEAT-live / FUCKED UP-live Marissa Magic HYSTERICS-live DISPLEASURE-live RIND-live THROWING UP-When I Touch You-EP NÜ SENSAE-Tea Swamp Rising-EP THE YOUNGER LOVERS-Rock Flawless-LP NASA SPACE UNIVERSE-Across the Wounded Galaxies-LP THE SHITTY LIMITS-Speculate/Accumulate-LP THE DEADBEATS-Kill The Hippies-10” DEAF MUTATIONS-Crash The Clubs-EP [caption id="attachment_4751" align="alignleft" width="130" caption="Fred Schrunk"][/caption] Fred Schrunk THROWING UP-When I Touch You-EP FOREIGN OBJECTS-No Sensation-LP BELGRADO-LP THE YOUNGER LOVERS-Rock Flawless-LP RECKLESS-Ocean-LP THE DEADBEATS-Kill The Hippies-10” MIDNITE SNAXXX-A Guy Like That/Jackie-45 THE A HEADS-Discography-LP THE SLOWMOTIONS-Operation Anagram-45 RAYOS X-Sufrimiento-EP Martin Sorrondeguy " data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" class="size-large wp-image-9075" src=" alt="composite" width="267" height="400" / Intro song: ANGST – Some Things Recently Reviewed COMPOSITE – Paper Fantasties GRIT – Push on Through SUBVERSIVE RITE – Religious Oppression/Losing Game DAGGER – It Makes Me Sick JOINT D≠ – MIA Also Recently Reviewed FRIED EGG – Eggshells GEROS – Razor Dog ANTI-SEX – Muerte NOTS – Shelf Life (live) WICCANS – Rock and Roll Part III Moldy Attics of Western Washington JASON DIDIT – Sell Me Some Beer CINEMA 90 – In Ultra Violet ANONYMOUS – Snake Attack BOB BLACKBURN – Black Leather ACCIDENT – True Detective From My High School to the 7″s THE STATIC – Bar Fight DOG ASSASSIN – Assassinate Homophobia Outro song (also relevant to last theme): HYSTERICS – Outside In Greg plays the newer hits along with an older standby UNA BESTIA INCONTROLABLE – Nou Mon DARK/LIGHT – In Our Dreams RIVERS EDGE – Fingers STRAIGHT CRIMES – In a Free Pile PALPOM – Like Pulling Teeth Jeff raids the demo bin RIM JOB – Distance HOARDER – Lighthouse CYNOSURE – Because of This WITCH SADDLE – 04 CUSTODY BATTLE – Xmas Morgan almost breaks the station while playing some of his favorites VANBUILDERASS – Choices TINA AGE 13 – Elevator KNOCKOUT PILLS – Reject Button THE PINKOS – Pirate Girls FASTBACKS – Gone to the Moon Jeff breaks out some more tapes REX MANNING DAY – Metro (Thanks for the Memories) MALA FIDES – The Beat SBDC – Clean Yer Own Shit INTREPID HEARTS – Self Service Outro song: PERFECT PEOPLE – Ghosts Current Sounds from the New Bins MR.

is on Snapchat URANIUM CLUB – The Lottery ABI YOYOS – Bohemian Grove WIMPS – Middle Ages ASMEREIR – Gente Estupida SOCIAL SICKNESS – Nobody Likes a Thinker FUNERAL SHOCK – Here Is THE FONDLED – You Suck Eggs The Gentrifier´s Guide to Thrashing WHITE TRASH SUPERMAN – Speed It Up MEN’S RECOVERY PROJECT – Normal Man PONCHO NEGRO – Fracaso MR. Outro song: HOBO JOHNSON – The Recipe [caption id="attachment_4374" align="alignright" width="128" caption="Mariam Bastani"][/caption] Mariam Bastani DEAD LANGUAGE-LP ESCROTO DE RATA-LP / BELGRADO-LP KALAZAAR-side of split EP / DOPECHARGE-EP ANXTV-EP / HANK WOOD AND THE HAMMERHEADS-EP DEAF MUTATIONS-EP / PORKERIA-live NIGHT FEVER / HOT MESS / RAW NERVE-live THE STATE / NUKLEAR BLAST SUNTAN-live LECHUZA / SKELETON PARTY / FOUL CRUX-live ZOMBIE DOGS / SHOPPERS / DSS / D. C.-live SICK/TIRED / ICE AGE / HYSTERICS-live [caption id="attachment_4264" align="alignleft" width="129" caption="Brace Belden"][/caption] Brace Belden THE SHITTY LIMITS-Speculate/Accumulate-LP HANK WOODS AND THE HAMMERHEADS-EP PUSSY DOGS-Ain’t Nothing but a Pussy Dog-EP CRAZY SPIRIT-I’m Dead-EP THEE SPIVS-It’s True/Taped Up-45 DEAF MUTATIONS-Crash The Clubs-EP THE GRUDGE-When Christine Comes Around-45 THE DEADBEATS-Kill the Hippies-10” GIUDA-Racey Roller-LP THE SLEAZE-both 45s [caption id="attachment_9351" align="alignright" width="135" caption="Justin Briggs"][/caption] Justin Briggs (is back!


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compilation and zine with Cat Brooks, co-founder of the Anti Police-Terror Project.

Ask a Portlandian, however, and they'll be the first to tell you that Rip City is also home to a burgeoning hip-hop scene and has been for quite a while. cities, rap shows and rappers in Portland have long faced intense police scrutiny and concert shutdowns due to negative press and stereotypes about a black art form in a city that is 76.1% white.

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