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This policy also proscribes conduct with respect to interpersonal relationships among faculty, staff, and students including improper relationships between students and employees and employment of related persons (anti-nepotism) and provides for disciplinary action for policy violations. DEFINITIONS 2.1 Amorous Relationship A relationship when two individuals voluntarily engage in a romantic partnership (i.e., dating, engaged, sexually intimate).

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This policy is intended to apply to all types of conflicts of interests created by consensual relationships within the University community where one individual has power or authority over the other.

Relationships covered by this policy include, but are not limited to, relationships between supervisor and supervisee; faculty and staff; faculty and student (in situations not covered by APM-015, Faculty Code of Conduct); coach and student; student and student; and housestaff or postdoctoral scholar and other housestaff, other postdoctoral scholar, or other employee.

4.2 Change in Status A change in an individual’s status (i.e.

employment, academic, relationship) that would establish a potential violation of this section (where one did not exist previously) creates a duty to disclose the conflict of interest by contacting the OIED.

The individual in authority shall eliminate, or arrange with his or her supervisor to eliminate, any potential conflict of interest.

Ways to eliminate conflicts of interest may include, but are not limited to, transfer of either individual to another position; transfer of supervisory, decision-making, oversight, evaluative, or advisory responsibilities to another employee or team of employees; or providing an additional layer of oversight to the supervisory role.

Authority: Board of Trustees History: First Issued: September 15, 1995. Related Policies: UNC Policy Manual 300.4.2 Employment of Related Persons (Anti-Nepotism Policy) UNC Policy Manual 300.4.2.1[G] Guidelines on Implementing Anti-Nepotism Policy) UNC Policy Manual 300.4.1 Improper Relationships between Students and Employees Additional References: UNC Code: Appendix I. Contact Info: Vice Provost For Equal Opportunity & Equity (919-515-4559) 1.

INTRODUCTION This policy serves to uphold the university’s high standards of professional and ethical conduct, specifically with respect to interpersonal relationships.

RESOURCES Questions concerning this policy should be referred to the OIED, Employee Relations – Human Resources, or the Office of General Counsel.

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