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Also happens if restoring to the latest i OS and the hosts point to Cydia. Another message that this error can display is "not eligible for requested build". Restore, update or fix the permissions from the carrier bundle to update the carrier settings via i Tunes. If you don't have the SHSH blobs for the firmware you want, there is nothing you can do.

Unknown error; try again A security software you have installed may be conflicting with i Tunes. If you are restoring to an Apple TV (3rd generation), i Pad 2 (or newer), i Phone 4S (or newer), or i Pod touch (5th generation) or newer, there is no (publicly disclosed) bootrom exploit to restore to older versions of i OS.

Missing system files or corrupt data in i Tunes installation.

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This error also occurs for i Tunes in Windows 8 for reasons currently unknown. Occurs when device is unplugged while the "i Tunes will erase and restore your i Phone to i OS #.# and will verify the restore with Apple." dialog is shown. Errors 2000-2009 (from KB TS3694): If you experience this issue on a Mac, disconnect third-party devices, hubs, spare cables, displays, reset the SMC, and then try to restore.

i Tunes is too old and couldn't read the i Phone in Recovery or DFU Mode. If you are using a Windows computer, remove all USB devices and spare cables other than your keyboard, mouse, and the device, restart the computer, and try to restore.

If that does not resolve the issue, try the USB issue-resolution steps and articles listed for Error 1604. Supposedly reinstalling the USB drivers fixed the problem.

If the issue persists, it may be related to conflicting security software. Replace the USB cable with a newer one and/or disconnect all other USB devices, then retry.

If that does not resolve the issue, see Error 1604 above.

If the issue persists, it may be related to conflicting security software on your computer.Occurs when trying to install an old firmware and Apple's server disallows the installation. sn0wbreeze custom firmware error on USB connection.The only solution is to have the SHSH blob backed up and modify the hosts file to point to Saurik's Cydia Server where they are backed up (or localhost if you have it yourself). Unplug the device, reboot it, and plug it in again. If your device is an Apple TV (2nd generation), i Pad, i Phone 3GS, i Phone 4, or i Pod touch (4th generation) and you have saved your SHSH blobs for the firmware you are installing, you are doing something incorrectly.You're trying to access a section or a functionality that is not available in your country, for example i Cloud in some countries. This happened on a Mac with Tiny Umbrella running before restoring a firmware to the Apple TV. You should still save your SHSH blobs using Tiny Umbrella in case an exploit is discovered.Something dealing with programs monitoring Winsock; see TS4123 for more information Unknown error Device was suddenly unplugged. However, Odysseus or Odysseus OTA can be used if the user has SHSH blobs but it only works on some i OS versions and will need the device to be currently jailbroken.The firmware file's filename will contain the internal identifier of the device it's intended for.

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