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We might associate the notion of open marriage with the Sixties and Seventies, with the advent of sexual liberation and swinging parties, but the concept pre-dates that.

Among historical figures reputed to have had open marriages are Liberal Prime Minister David Lloyd George, composer Dmitri Shostakovich, children's author E Nesbit, aviator Amelia Earhart and scientist Albert Einstein.

"She had come out of a very deceiving relationship," says Russell. When I met her, I had several lady friends and she accepted that about me.

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In his autobiography he tells how he lost his first wife, Kirsten, after a wife-swapping session with a rock star.

Last year, Diane Melly's Take A Girl Like Me gave an account of her life with jazz star husband George Melly and their open marriage, which proved more successful for him than her.

He would not call his actions infidelity and argues faithfulness and monogamy are different concepts.

"By faithful I mean I am going to live with my wife for the rest of my life, and bring up our children together and make sure I reward her for all the love she gives me," he says.

He says: "My wife doesn't want to know the details but if she asks me a direct question I will answer honestly, which feels weird after so many years of being deceitful." The issue of plural relationships has been highlighted in the TV series Big Love, where actor Bill Paxton plays a successful businessman with three wives.

Besides the secrecy, time management proved to be a huge stress factor in his life." However, Russell and Anna believe open fidelity works, the key is negotiation and honesty.Anna says: "Open fidelity means discussing and negotiating any outside interests before you have sex with anyone else." Russell says an earlier relationship broke down because of his secret affairs, and he much prefers being honest about his extra-marital activities .No, I was more the cross my arms, look down, and quietly sulk jealous type. My girlfriend told me to relax; she said I have nothing to worry about. And at least once a week, we had some talk, which ended with her reassuring me that my jealousy was irrational and unnecessary. I desperately wanted to be the secure boyfriend my girlfriend deserved. My friend who I went with joyously proclaimed that he had met another bisexual man.“You must meet!Even though I knew my girlfriend loved me, and would never cheat on me, I still couldn’t control the green-eyed monster living in my gut. I felt like a child – constantly needing reassurance. ” he said, while dragging me over to the other side of the room. I had never met someone who was openly polyamorous. I’m way too passive for that type of alpha nonsense. My jealousy would strike with no warning, and nothing I did could ever calm the beast. But no matter what she said, I was still a jealous mess. Three months later, I met my current boyfriend at a gay, underground, leather bar.

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