Over sedating in endoscopy procedures

The restless legs start about 40 minutes after taking the mirtazapine and last an hour or so.

My solution has been to take the mirtazapine right before bedtime.

I haven't tried again yet, mainly because I have to go out this weekend, and really want to be free from any possible side effects for it, so will have to use my usual coping strategies for my outing.

It took a good 48 hours before I felt ok last time, so I plan to start on the low dose from next Sunday/Monday.

Hopefully, I can carry this on and slowly increase that over a few weeks.

I have read so many positives about Mirtazapine and have seen the difference in people I know who take it, and the doctor agrees it is a good choice - so it has to be worth persevering with.

After reflecting on this, I realised there were some positives last week after taking it.

I woke up feeling positive (though because of sedated feeling this did leave me quickly), I did feel less tense in my body (though again this was outweighed by my anxiety over feeling weird).

Also, looking back, I probably wasn't in the best place to take it after a weekend that had been very stressful, and a few nights of bad sleep.

So, I've decided to take only 1/4 of a 15mg tablet tonight, and see how it goes.

Bottom line - we are all different and what may be "therapeutic" for some will be agitating for another.

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