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Bisexual women tell me lesbians ignore them or don’t even give them a chance. Here are five tips to help you better understand what goes on in a lesbian’s mind when you say you’re interested. Women are moody and difficult to understand and date, so don’t expect it to be easy just because you’re a woman who wants to date women. That means a lesbian is saying to herself, “Oh god, another woman who’s just curious and not serious!

Men are simple and only want three things: sex, food and sports.

Only Women is a lesbian and bisexual dating service for women. We are a gay owned and operated company and we strive to bring you the very best dating experience. We have native apps on Android and i OS so you can make sure you never miss a message!

I meet women regularly who describe themselves as bisexual and who want to date lesbians, but they often find it hard to do. Women are complicated and want about 100 different things to all be present and working.

Connect with eligible women to find dates, start relationships, and much more.

Utilize our mobile friendly and highly effective dating features, messaging tools, and search functionality to browse and connect with millions of Lesbian and Bi women singles dating profiles.

Nobody wants to be the first love of a late to life lesbian who is expecting too much, and no one wants to be a bisexual woman’s experiment.

Lesbians are probably more this way than others when it comes to putting their hearts on the line.

Bisexual women bring a higher level of uncertainty than the average lesbian.

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