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Arquette was an icon and activist in the trans community and we could not see someone smear her memory the way the selling party was trying to do." In February 2017, x Hamster held auditions for U. President Donald Trump, Trump's family members, and Trump cabinet member lookalikes. Alex Hawkins said, "there is nothing more that the American public needs than quality adult content parodies to help them understand the ever shifting landscape of their Executive Branch of government." During the total solar eclipse of August 21, 2017 x Hamster experienced a notable decrease in site usage.Cities in range of totality such as Nashville, TN, had a viewership drop 43%.Sense8 was originally hosted by Netflix who chose not to renew the season.

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So we partnered with the experts at i Doll to create the perfect companion for the modern man." The Doll was created with its User Preferences in mind.

In Russia, a local court in the Republic of Tatarstan ruled in favor of a block on x Hamster and other pornographic websites in April 2014; the ruling was passed on a year later to Roskomnadzor, the state media overseer.

In September 2016, Alex Hawkins speaking for x Hamster confirmed that they had purchased a sex tape alleged to portray American actress Alexis Arquette, which was put up for sale by an ex-lover shortly after her death.

x Hamster destroyed all copies of it, announcing that "Ms.

Other attempts at censoring has its basis in net neutrality whereby governments may restrict bandwidth to various internet categories.

x Hamster's Alex Hawkins stated, "As an international company, we see every day how restrictive governments use regulatory tools, like traffic throttling, to limit access to not only porn but political speech." Fraserside and Private alleged that XHamster had infringed their copyrights by streaming copies of their adult media over the internet.

In addition to these prerecorded videos, users can view live streams of paid models; the model can interact with several users by means of an online chat service.

Models can also activate a "Tip" button, which allows users to provide the models additional money.

The post states, “Porn stars and amateurs alike depend on increased reproductive rights, access to birth control and low-cost STI screenings, and non-judgmental sexual health education." In November 2016, the company released its own beer, x Hamster beer. In June 2017 x Hamster created its very own sex doll named x Hamsterina.

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