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But in order to have SAP ICF and thus Gateway trust and next execute such a transactional request, the request must be signed with the CSRF-Token as secret key in request header cookie.

The browser automatically includes all the cookies in the request.

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The essence of CSRF Token protection is that the token is a secret key that is only known to the authenticated browser session and the trusting site, and that the authenticated browser session must include in each modifying request to the trusting site in order to convince the trusting site that the request is coming with consent from the user.

As stated above, a CSRF attack depends on the ability for malicious site to automatically construct a malicious request, that next the user is somehow lured into sending to the trusting site, and that is well-crafted to mislead the trusting site that the request is with the approval of the authenticated user.

A critical aspect in the Gateway architecture is therefore to mitigate the impact of web-based security attacks.

One of the most exploited security vulnerabilities on the web is cross-site request forgery.

The essence of a CSRF attack is that a malicious site misleads a trusting site in believing that a transactional request comes with approval of the user.

The working of a CSRF attack is as follows: 1) after the user has set up an authenticated session with an application site, 2) the user while still within this authenticated browser session visits a malicious site, and 3) the malicious site tricks the user in sending requests to the application site that are actually constructed by the malicious site.

The URL, including REST action is typically static; and could reasonable be ‘guessed’.

And as same-origin only applies to HTTP GET request, it is also possible to send PUT/POST/DELETE requests that originate from the malicious site.

Fiori Client, Kapsel, Cordova), the user cannot visit others sites and have its client context become infected / compromised.

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