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For more information on Parameter Validation refer to the about_functions_advanced_parameters help topic. The number of characters (0) in the argument is too small.

Specify an argument whose length is greater than or equal to “1” and then try the command again.

First add the form called frm New Heart from the folder above into your project (or use a version you already have).

For more complex validation, such as validating an email address, you may need to rely on Regular Expressions.

First, values of similar controls should accept decimal numbers anda are standardly of type decimal.

Second, 'similar' controls suggests you should reuse some existing control rather than creating a new one using User Control, which, for example, would give you UI automation for free if you choosed your control wisely.

And then it gets true when Value Changed occurs, but the data source won't be updated because the Validating event won't be raised again.

The user can also enter in a value, unless the Up Down Base. The numeric display can be formatted by setting the Numeric Up Down. To specify the allowable range of values for the control, set the Numeric Up Down. You can increase the speed that the control moves through numbers when the user continuously presses the up or down arrow by setting the Numeric Up Down. The value is then verified to be between the Numeric Up Down.

Depending on the format, you may still need custom validation for control or use the Mask Text Box’s built in validation for Date Time formats and number values.

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