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They want these utility bills, rent/mortgage agreements etc to see if anybody else's name is on them as well as your own.

As for bank statements, I have to pay for them, I told Tax credit compliance that they could comply too - if they want them, they can blinkin well pay for them, why should I be out of pocket? HI My friend was killed off by Tax credits last year.

i wrote to them last june telling them she finishes a levels that summer i heard nothing back and got no more money or so i thought i rang my bank and found out hmrc have been indeed paying me 505 a month into an old account i have not used for years!

theres asking for proof of college or school or i l be subject to pay it all back and pay a penalty!

i could have claimned council tax but couldnt be doing with any more intrusion in my personal business., They always say "random" check - that's what they're told to say.

But compliance means just that - you comply with them or they stop your money.

I dont know what happened with their computer but I was claiming and only receiving tax the 1 child I had back then but their computer system told them I had 12 kids on the claim and had been paid a ridiculous amount and despite the fact I could provide bank statements showing they had never paid me anything near that and they could see on the computer they were only paying for 1 child I still got investigated which makes no sense, went without tax credits for 16 weeks and lost my job because I couldnt pay the childcar and nearly lost my home.

They eventually wrote to tell me they had concluded their investigation and were reinstating my tax credits, no aknowledgement or apology for the fact they had ruined my life and left us in poverty.

Im obviously on some sort of list as when the twins were born it took 9 weeks and numerous phonecalls from both myself and the lovely lady who was my job centre advisor at the time before they added them.

Sent from my GT-S5570 using Netmums mobile app hi im sick of hmrc today i got a letter saying my daughters award has been chosen for a random check!

she s in uni and they know this because i told them! i dont want to be accuses of fraud its their mistake not mind i informed them and they continued to pay it into an account dont use who will believe me?

know one will I once went through claimant compliance for suspected fraud and an overpayment of 87,000, got threatened with prosecution, prison, everything!

all in all there were no probs as i provided everything they needed but i did refuse to giv e them a mortage statment as they cost 15.00 for a copy of one from the bank and his name was still on the mortgage as couldnt afford to take it off and he used to pay the mortgage rather than maintence.

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