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Bring these to your Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s party and they will fly off the plate! We made a conscious decision to set some boundaries in order to work a little less and play more. These mini cheesecakes with caramel sauce are completely delicious!They are easy to serve and your fingers stay clean. The base is just 3 ingredients (yes you are reading that correctly!Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App.

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Once at a small theatre she asked to see the menu for interval drinks.

Her husband 'had to apologise and explained I am a foreigner.

British men of a certain age make ideal husbands for younger, glamorous Russian women - even if they do have some strange habits, according to a new best-selling book in Moscow.

The vote of confidence comes from author Elena Davydova, once an executive with Russian Playboy, who said she was so happy with her English husband that it made up for living in the 'godforsaken town' of Swanage in Dorset, where she now has a home.

'I once had to pinch myself when I found myself explaining the details of Romeo and Juliet to an Englishman - me a Russian.

And he listened - with interest.' Davydova said she felt comfortable in England.

Baklava cups are completely cute and the flavor is fantastic! ), and they taste like my favorite New-York-Style cheesecake…Mmm.

They are loaded with a blend of walnuts and pistachios. Sharlotka) is soft, moist and unbelievably easy with just 6 ingredients. Sharlotka is a classic Russian apple sponge cake that has been made for centuries. These chicken legs are baked with a garlic-lemon-dijon marinade that is easy and excellent. I’m a sucker for cheesecake and I’m so excited to finally have this mini version on my…

Feel free to create your own blend with different nuts like pecans, almonds, cashews, peanuts – any nut really! You can make these ahead up to 2 weeks and store refrigerated or at room temperature. This caramel sauce is so simple, you’ll never want store-bought again! These chicken pesto roll ups are stuffed with cheese, juicy tomatoes and pesto sauce! This apple rice pudding is homey, old-school Autumn comfort food that can be served as breakfast, brunch or even as dessert! This apple rice pudding is so satisfying and will make you feel like…

The syrup is made with honey and lemon which cut the sweetness and make these baklava cups perfectly moist and completely irresistible. See the awesome freezing tip at the bottom – it’s GENIUS!! There are only 5 all-natural ingredients that all go into the pot at once and then you whisk until it’s thickened to your liking. These taste like fine dining with Tuscan flavors but they are so easy to make. I am so excited to share this Smoked Salmon Salad with you!

I watched it holding my breath, and only stopped to kick James when he was falling asleep.

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