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Through the winter we shoot a snowboard web-series for Tourism New Zealand and Air New Zealand in-flight, and as a result of this have a lot of other non-snowboard work coming in as well.I also have a number of my own clients here in New Zealand that I will shoot and edit for over the next couple of months.With a history of having produced two other projects there and the producer, Ali Drummond, living in Yangon we were really well placed to be able to accomplish everything we wanted to.

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Through travelling to Myanmar several times over the past year I met American-Burmese director Lynn Padetha, and for the past 9 months have been freelancing for his production company Artisa Film in Yangon.

Current assignments: At the moment I’m back in Queenstown, New Zealand working for Diaries Downunder, a production company owned and operated by producer and professional snowboarder Nick Hyne and Syrp’s Ben Ryan.

In October I head back to Yangon to work on projects for Artisa Film and I’m hoping to spend some time producing a time-lapse film through the country with equipment from Syrp. In New Zealand, I shoot largely tourism-based products and branded content for companies and organisations such as Ngāi Tahu Tourism, Ultimate Hikes, Skyline Queenstown and Diaries Downunder.

In Yangon, it’s commercial-based work operating an ARRI Alexa – we recently shot commercials for Samsung and Dutch Lady, and have projects coming up for clients including Coca-Cola. I’m very passionate about travel and working in foreign environments.

By chance, in 2007, I got approached to produce a weekly skateboard show with good friends Alex Pasquini and Ben Hay.

We spent 2 years producing these shows for a couple of different channels, but after a slow few months in 2010 I decided to move to New Zealand for a new adventure and have been based here since.

I directed a jet boat commercial last year and previously they used a helicopter with Cineflex to fly through the canyons and get the shots. A drone operator with an Inspire or similar is a fraction of the price.

Like any new bit of kit, though, the key is to use it for a reason, don’t go blindly shooting everything on it.

I really rate the a7S II, it’s a great little camera and I’m pleased with the image out of it, especially when using a Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 IS II – it’s super sharp.

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