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POV: Please note that your questions are being held in a queue, and will be published by the moderator as the session goes on! Donna and Faith are trying to get on by webcam, but are experiencing some technical difficulties! they have already been so generous with their time and space!

Amanda Baden, expert in transnational adoption, and filmmaker Stephanie Wang-Breal will be here at to answer your questions! It doesn't just have to be the domain of the child. Amanda Baden: By the way, I don't have audio from Donna and Faith so my apologies for not responding to what they're saying. Stephanie Wang-Breal: No, right now I do not plan to continue to document the Sadowskys.

What other prep would you recommend to others adopting older children from abroad. In the adoption field, when a family can no longer parent or feels the match is problematic, they may seek to disrupt the adoption and no longer parent the child.

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However, everyone reacts to that loss in different ways.

Some are much more vocal about the loss and others do not talk about it.

I think parents need to support their children and give them opportunities to talk about the loss and the all of the other emotions (there are many others) that go with adoption, but parents also don't have to force children to see loss when they might not ready to talk about it or deal with it.

Amanda Baden: I agree that Donna and Jeff were incredibly brave and clearly want the best for their children.

I think all parents would have a tough time being viewed under such stressful circumstances!

Stephanie Wang-Breal: I think some working class, first-generation Chinese-Americans might view this generation of adoptees as "lucky." Lucky to have a loving family/home, comfortable social class, etc. and that is a gift Comment From Mary Mc Kee Hi Donna, I saw a lot of love in your family. Wow - how would any of us look if a camera followed us around all day for many days?

I think other Chinese-Americans are curious as to what their life is like. Comment From Guest Do you feel that you were adequately prepared beforehand for adopting an older child? I have a Chinese adopted daughter and it has not always been easy. Thank you for sharing yourself and your family and for being so real!

Were you educated about the effects of PSTD and how Faith might be affected in that way? we can see you are happy and that is what we all wanted to know.. Amanda Baden: Regarding the Russian adoption, that was a very rare and poorly handled situation.

Amanda Baden: I think that loss is inherent in adoption.

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